"Technique comes from the mind. Creativity comes from the soul. My body and mind work in harmony when I sculpt, it is my passion." by Valentina Mezei

About the Artist:

Born in Russia and emigrating to Canada as a child, my artistic passion was ignited when I carved my first stone while still in school. Sculpting since 1970, each of my works, whether abstract or classic, definitely reflects my passion.

Of the three varieties of stones that I work with, (soapstone, alabaster and marble) my personal preference is alabaster. Not only does alabaster resemble marble in beauty, but it also comes in a rainbow of colours, and sometimes it is the colour itself, not just the shape of the stone, that inspires my imagination and allows me to create some wonderful pieces.

Witnessing the emergence of a creation step by step is a labour of love for me, physically demanding work, but oh so rewarding! Creating something with your hands is not only rewarding it's also therapeutic; tension and frustration melt away as deep concentration takes over and hours seem like minutes then.

Should you wish to commission a work, arrange an appointment to view the available collection, or just offer your comments on my artistic style, you are most welcome to do so at: valla.m@rogers.com.


"Viewing your web site, I was pleasantly surprised to see your accomplishments; a fine work of an experienced artist. I found your work warm and feminine, sometimes 'sexy'. Amazing how you could bring so much life and softness into a stone." - Barbara J.

"I loved seeing your sculptures, especially those depicting human forms. I was fascinated with the colour and lustre of each piece, which was more pronounced than on the photos. All my friends comment on the piece the("Dancers") and I enjoy it too. Thank you for encouraging me to come by." - Peter F.

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