"Technique comes from the mind. Creativity comes from the soul. My body and mind work in harmony when I sculpt, it is my passion." by Valentina Mezei

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I remember that even as a child I would watch my Dad work at his craft and I would pick up his carpentry tools and help out. Little did I know then that I had ability with tools. With the passing of years I was aware that I was capable with my hands but it was while still in school that I discovered my true love, sculpture. Instinctively I felt that I had found my niche as an artist.

Unfortunately, other things took priority and my passion was put on hold. I married and had a family and when they were grown and made their own way I returned to my art. The day that I resumed my sculpting felt as comfortable as if I never left it. There is something about rock textures and colours that inspire me and make me feel so fulfilled when I'm working.

I'm especially enamoured with the patterns and colours of alabaster. Each rock is unique having its own depth, character and beauty and I've not found this in any other rocks, and when I'm carving, my eyes and mind are on a journey of discovery. With each piece that I carve I always leave a bit of my heart in it. At first I couldn't part with any of them, but with time I had accumulated so many pieces that my home gallery was growing too large, and so for practical reasons, I decided it was time to sell and my career as an artist began.

Now I'm pleased when my pieces sell because it demonstrates to me over and over again that other people enjoy and appreciate my creations. Touring my home studio these days is like walking into a mini art gallery. Sculptures abound in styles, colours and sizes and all of them remarkable for their unique beauty. One is almost compelled to reach out and touch each piece.

Like a true artist I'm always striving to improve my style and try carving more challenging creations but each time I find myself returning to soft, rounded and sensual shapes, especially with translucent stones. The natural fractures, faults and inclusions make each work of art even more unique and when the light illuminates it the sculpture shines with a rich warm glow.

One very exciting way to bring the beauty of sculpture into your own home is with the display of contemporary sculpture. For me there is a timelessness found in sculpture that cannot be found anywhere else in the spectrum of art. I'd be pleased to offer you more details on any of the pieces. valla.m@rogers.com

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