"Technique comes from the mind. Creativity comes from the soul. My body and mind work in harmony when I sculpt, it is my passion." by Valentina Mezei

Artist Photo Gallery

Valentina in the Studio

Standing next to my sculpture "SOUL MATES" at an exhibition.

Using a grinder for the first time, with my friend Karen Brodie, who is also a sculptor.

Using the grinder for the first time and carving a black Chlorite Pelican.
The stone next to it became the Pink Flamingo, look for it on my website..

Posing with my sculpture "WISDOM", flesh Alabaster

Posing with my sculpture "FIRST WOMAN"

Putting the final touches to my sculpture, "OUT OF THE BLUE"

Sanding the sculpture "NINE", which is now SOLD.

Working on a commission sculpture, "The Buddha", SOLD

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